What’s an elopement and is it the good fit for you?

28 September 2021

You may have heard this word quite a lot as eloping has become more and more common with time.

The Definition

Eloping is, by definition, running away and getting married without telling anyone, especially the parents and families but it’s not really what it is about nowadays. Many couples actually decide to make their families and close friends part of their elopement and simply decide to celebrate their love in a different manner.

What does eloping mean?

Today, eloping has become an epic way for couples to celebrate their love! Many couples decide to make a trip out of it and get married in an incredible location that means something to them or was on their bucket list. They often include their friends and families and plan out the day just as thoughtfully as they would with a wedding.

Why eloping?

There are actually quite a lot of reasons couples decide to elope.

  1. Eloping focuses on the couple
  2. It is intimate and meaningful
  3. It enables to explore somewhere new
  4. It’s way less stressful than a wedding
  5. It avoids any wedding day drama
  6. It is cheaper
  7. It is unique and completely different
  8. Some couples feel like it’s more their vibe than a big wedding
  9. It is more sustainable
  10. The photos are epic

Now that you’ve read all the good reasons to elope, let’s see if it is the right fit for you, should we?

You should definitely consider an intimate wedding or an elopement if:

  • You want to appreciate every moment of your special day without it feeling like a rushed blur
  • You’re a more introverted or private couple and you don’t feel like having an audience listening in on your vows
  • The idea of planning a big event makes you want to crawl into a hole
  • You want to be intentional with how you use your wedding budget
  • You love adventuring and finding yourself in gorgeous places

If you resonated with any of the previous statements, you should probably consider eloping or a small intimate wedding rather than a big event! So now, what?

I can help you! Let’s get talking and I’ll help you plan your intimate event by giving you recommandations on locations, timelines, vendors and all that good stuff.

Sounds great? Contact me via the contact form 🙂


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